So I go

Lost in the wilds of “Douleur”
Wiping off tears
Not knowing where they belong
On thy face or mine.
As said
It remains on the one who loved.

Thou art he
The man i used to love
Death stare glistening
Upon my reflection
On the wall; on the water
Broken with deception
Stabbed with words
Burnt to the core.

The vĂŞtements on which
Fragile promises were made
With sweat and blood
Lies silenced
Empty words whispered
Lobes nibbled; bodies clawed
In split seconds vanished
Like your venomous love

“Stay, don’t go”
I’ve told you so
Not anymore, my love
No consolation I’d shove.
Thy smile, thy words
That hold back
Will kill me, so I go.



Make-up has not the power

To conceal

The miserable eyes that cried

Nights long.

Nor can it hide

The depressed soul

That weeps

With shattered memories,

That hurt.

When tried to put back

Finally together.

The matching pieces

That don’t match anymore.

Her lipstick stained smile

Makes it hard to decipher

The ugly truth.

It hides…

The wounds, cut deep.

No more tears to shed.

She’s bleeding within.


Fear not the silhouettes

Of the unlivin’.

Crystal clarity of their form

Against the soot submerged

Form of the livin’

Beating hearts must be feared

Instead of the cold phantoms

We must fear the livin’

Not dead

For they cannot harm

With vicious words

That pierce hearts

With envious looks

That engrave scars

Of odium, hatred

Why thy fear the dead,

When the harmful is the livin’?

The One

He was right there

Right in front

Personable, striking

Arms so muscular

Hair on fleek

Smile winning

He was right there

Right in front

Chuckled and

Flushed with delirium

Not a clue

I was behind

I was right there

Right behind

Supressing sobs

And overwhelmed

Submerged with insecurities

Wasn’t I good enough?

I was right there

Right behind you

And, yes, I glimpsed her

Ravishing, irresistible

Yes I saw, The One

You left me for.

Her Nuances

Her nuances he saw

Red lipstick, black dress

The twinkle in her eyes

Graceful courtesies

Not to him

But to him

Her nuances he saw

Laughter filled the rooms

Random smiles she flashed

And him she ignored

For he’s old news

And she possessed something new

Her nuances he saw

A youthful look on her face

The smell of a man

Distinct from his

He disregarded

For he had known too much

Her nuances he saw

Sad to percieve but had to accede

Red lipstick smudged

Black dress shred

She’s no longer his

For he has let her go

Her nuances he saw

Back to her old self

Rooms silent

Subtle smiles

Invisible wounds

That will forever stay raw

Her nuances he overlooked

She pleaded forgiveness

He acquitted

For he knew all along

That she was never his

And will never be

Thy Gold I Wear…

Heart of gold,

Carved cuts and curves,

Descend into thy body

Yearning for warmth

Alluring; worth veneration

Potent touch…

Shivers down my spine

Delicacy of lips

Soft, luscious…yet

Firm and solid against mine

You search for the Eve in me

I search for the Adam in you

Heart of gold…

Against a body of vile…

Why my warmth?

That lack endearment?

Go away!

No. Wait.

Cannot let you leave.

Thy gold I wear like bijou…

Leave me not

You ain’t mine, I know

But my soul is thine

Heart of gold…

Against a body of vile…